My First…

Posted: July 12, 2010 in Life, Music Biz, Naked Stuff
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It’s my first sentence of my first blog and already I’m feeling naked.  I’m mostly a voyeur on Facebook and now I’m supposed to REVEAL.  Yikes.  What am I really doing here?

Well, it’s time to use this marvel of a thing to promote my CD, the one that was supposed to be finished last September on the big birthday.  We’re shooting for this b’day but I dunno… Is there something slower than a snail’s pace?  I’ve accepted that it’s in God’s time.  I’ve accepted.  I’ve accepted.  I really have.

I haven’t kept a diary in a few decades but this feels like one.  My best friend suggested I use a blog to describe the process of making the CD so I’ll do that too, maybe in snail detail.  Today is 7/11.  Is that significant?  My b’day is 9/11.  That is very.

Well, apparently I am comfortable rambling in almost full public view.

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