Posted: July 23, 2010 in Healthy Stuff, Skate-dancing
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It happened 2 days ago after a visit to my fabulous chiropractor.  I was feeling strong & excited about the week and skating in the parking lot outside my building. I’d cleared the terrain of debris, or so I thought, and skating backwards, hit a big chunk o’ somethin’, and up & down I go so fast that there wasn’t even a hint of tuck & roll involved.  Now it’s really not good to fall at any time but particularly at my tender age.  I’ve gotten fairly adept at falling well & very infrequently but this was hard & nasty, bad, bad, bad.  However, if ever there was a really good bad fall, that was the one.  I’m pretty lean these days but the butt’s got what it takes to take it, apparently & especially the right cheek.  Thank you God.

Today my chiro said, “You’re very lucky.”  Yeah, luck had something to do with it, but here’s what I did after and maybe it’ll help you if…

I got up immediately (thank you, BladeMarc), skated it out for another 15 minutes, ate 2 Immunocal when I got home, drank a cup of coffee within the hour, popped an anti-inflammatory and iced, iced baby.  And in between took an Epsom salt bath.  I didn’t skate yesterday and after an hour skate today, went back to the doc.  I feel amazing.  My doc’s business is called Amazing Touch Chiropractic.  I go once a week.  I eat Immunocal everyday.  Maybe those 2 things are not for you but hopefully some of this will resonate when your body’s screaming for help for whatever reason.  Coffee, as I’ve come to discover in the last couple of years, is a very special tonic.  It can help with workout pain and recovery.

Philosophically, skating parallels life in innumerable ways for me and perhaps that’s another day’s blog.  Today it’s about recovery and how quickly & gracefully we can if we have some basic tools & work with them, no matter how hard we fall.

  1. esther says:

    You know, the harder the fall, the stronger the recovery. (that’s my philosophy)

  2. Caryn Rae says:

    Ah, the dynamics & blessings of falling… powerful stuff to consider & learn from.

    • BladeMarc says:

      Straight back up!! – that’s my girl! and you’re welcome – you didn’t go through all that blood sweat and (my) tears for nothing! Bladiaq in the bathroom?? – left leg needs a little work still, darlin’ xx …but know what, babe? – you look and move great!!! BladeMarc

      • Caryn Rae says:

        Finally!!! Can’t stop smiling. And laughing. And of all times… moved this week to a new home and got your comment during my first skate at my new park hockey rink right around the corner. Rather auspicious, wouldn’t you say?! Even did a quasi but I-promise-you very soulful Bladiaq in your honor! I love you! Come visit us in Florida! XOXO

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