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My dear subscribers,

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I had a little glitch in the initial tune upload. When you received the Piece of My Heart email, if you clicked on the link in the text body, you’re directed to the glitch page. If you click on the big first title, Piece of My Heart, that will direct you appropriately. I’m still learning!

Thanks so much for all your comments, love & support!!! I love you!!!

Here’s my mid skool version, circa ‘95 and still my favorite vocal of any recording I’ve ever done. I thought we had an R&B track then but we’ll be in the studio next month to finish the CD, and then we’ll have a very new & dramatically different R&B version, slower, sparser and 15 years of living later. Be still, my quickly beating heart.

Since very publicly revealing my age in the bikini post last week, I have to say, although I’ve never been shy about it, the revelation was liberating. Last night I received an email from CD Baby with this article: Are You Too Old to Make It?

It speaks specifically to musicians but I think it really encompasses everyone in a profession that has been typically youth oriented. The author talks about taking responsibility for your career, your beliefs, your actions, your expectations and basically making the most of what you’ve got.

We all have more resources than ever at our fingertips so why not use them all? Put one foot (or finger) in front of the other everyday and walk, skip or run, whatever serves that moment, and move your life & career forward whatever your age.

I know, age is more than a just number for all kinds of reasons. We change, we acquire, we grow, we see our moving parts take different directions, we experience, we act, we react, and ultimately we hopefully continue to evolve into better & more interesting versions of ourselves. It’s certainly not always an easy task, but the more challenging, the greater the sense of accomplishment & spiritual rewards. I wouldn’t trade my age for a million bucks. Well… maybe….

As I said in their blog, “If you’ve got a healthy passion in music or anything, live it large! NOW is the best time!”

Once again our bathroom’s the stage and here’s tonight’s skate-dance video of Deja Vu, my first single from the soon to be finished (really) CD.

I dunno. Bold, yes. Too much, too little, maybe. Here’s the video we did last week. I’m trying to lip-sync to my new recording of I Thank You at the same time. I think the skating’s a little more successful. Let me know what you think!

Brent Harvey, my fabulous music biz friend suggested the bikini today after he saw the video. He thought it was “awesome” and said other lovely things, and after we discussed my career a bit, he said you have to be BOLD in promoting yourself, hence the bikini. I was of course very flattered, but I’m sixty freakin’ years old and although a bikini is still pretty comfortable, a video?! But I’m going to be bolder, more omnipresent, more persistent because I’m 60 freakin’ years old and this is my time! Okay, we’ll see. Brent, once again I Thank You.

Ladies, maybe gents, perhaps you can relate. I’m not quite sure why I was reflecting on Al while I was skating the other day. Maybe it was some theory of his that was mysteriously propelling me through space & time although I have no idea which theory that might be. And yes, I find expressive intelligence powerfully attractive & sexy, and I’m sure that’s a Big part of my Big Al crush and certainly one of the main reasons I found my husband to be so irresistible.

Anyhow, back to Al… that engagingly adorable face, the wildest mane, the slightly mischievous expression in most pictures, and yes, those bedroom eyes, all combining to set my very young heart aflutter, and I say very because I’m sure it was in adolescence when I first said, “Who’s that?!” As a young adult I of course came to appreciate so much more about him which ultimately manifested itself as a sexual attraction. A li’l, ol’, dead guy… His essay, “The World As I See It” confirmed it for me. I love AE.

In the mood? The Expendables will give it to you. Excessive, gratuitous violence is not my cup of tea but cartoon it and if the big boyz do it right, it works for me almost every time. And to see Arnold back is a hoot. If you want action, adventure, insanity, a little comedy and a few relationship issues with most of the baddest boyz in the biz, this is the flick!

2 years ago today he passed. It was just a few days after I’d uploaded my first YouTube video, Hold On I’m Comin’, and not too long after that my CD project was conceived. Isaac is one of the reasons I love to sing. I came of age with all his Sam & Dave hits and never stopped singing them. Those records, probably more than any others, helped define my “rocnsol” attitude. Now with the CD almost completed, I’m ready to start skate-dance performing too, so yesterday my hubby & I “designed” our stage (the bathroom) and once again to an Isaac tune, I tested the waters to a rough version of “I Thank You.” You’d think I could lip-sync to my own stuff but apparently not while skating! Practice, practice, practice.

I uploaded the video last night and had not consciously realized it was the anniversary of his death today so once again I pay homage. Isaac, I thank you.


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What?!?!? Am I really going there? Well, I can’t help it, dammit. My new facebook friend, Martin Olson, friend of old friend, Danny Jacob, asks the question on his wild & wonderful website, and I had the unmitigated chutzpah to respond that I knew why. But it’s probably much less about chutzpah and more about my very simplistic philosophy. After years of being “gently nudged” & “whacked on the head,” as Martin says, and really trying to pay attention, this is my existential belief:

We are here to love, create & evolve, probably in that order. We have a responsibility as creatures of intellect & emotion to do those things. And according to my ill-defined theory of reincarnation, we get plenty of chances to do it right & well until we get it really right and then…

The night before my dad died (9/11/00), I looked up at a little page a day calendar on my desk shelf and the quote of the day was from the poet Rumi. “When I die I shall soar with the angels and when I die with the angels, what I shall become you cannot imagine.”

More than that, we’ll have to talk.


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Last night I received a friend request with a beautiful apology for a situation from 25 years ago. Today I discovered that a dear music friend from Los Angeles is now living 45 minutes from me in Florida and opening a fabulous jazz club. And I made a new creative, musical friend who loves an old friend of the same ilk. And Tuesday I’m meeting another relocated Angeleno now living down the street whom I haven’t seen in almost 30 years. And more folks from Los Angeles and the last 30 years have found me in the last week than in any other.

After feeling slightly disconnected because of my own migration 8 years ago, the network seems to be growing exponentially and magnificently. Is it something in the facebook air?