Posted: August 5, 2010 in Gigs, Life, Music Biz, Skate-dancing
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Tom Thumb & The Hitchikers… Respect _ Hold On I’m Comin’… had to skate with my old MP3 player today and hadn’t heard the tunes in eons. Couldn’t stop smiling. “Live at SeaWorld”… DJ, what was the year? We sang & played our hearts out. It was a beautiful day in San Diego and the sound engineer had some great recording equipment. We had no idea at the time we’d have an album from the gig. Sweet. Love and thanks again to DJ & the guys for 9½ fabulous, fun rocnsol years!

On another note, my performance of Hold On I’m Comin’ at the Hollywood Beach Theatre was the inspiration for the new CD where we have a very cool new skool track, soon to be revealed!

  1. Joseoh says:

    Can’t wait to hear it!!!

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