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Coincidences in my life? I think not. Specifically, my CD will finally be finished within the month, and the synchronicity of very recently reconnecting with so many wonderful musicians, friends, family, artists and very special coworkers from the past on Facebook is no accident or coincidence. As my husband would say, they’re clearly Godincidences. I’m so ready to share my music with the world, and to be able to start with my own beautiful & expanded network first is so extraordinarily perfect. But perhaps it’s not quite so extraordinary and rather simply how it’s supposed to unfold. The making of the CD has taken a year longer than we’d hoped. But apparently God had a different and more effective timeline, albeit admittedly not always effortless for me to accept. However, it seems if you do the work everyday, accept the time frame and then let God do the rest, it’ll be exactly what it’s intended to be.

Today’s my day. It’s been an extraordinary day in so many of the last 11 years. 1999 was my 50th (and I partied like it was 1999!), it’s been 10 years since my dad died on that day, and of course the world was forever changed in 2001. I prayed for a peaceful day in 2002 and was graced when my future husband flew from Miami to Los Angeles to surprise me with a plane towing an exquisite ribbon in the sky and his presence. Last year I officially released the first single from my very first CD on 9/9/09 and sang the song on a fabulous cruise ship on my 60th. So many of the days have been truly momentous if not auspicious.

My suit has served me well throughout the years and for all that it has sustained, I’m grateful. I thank God, Mom & Dad, Rock & Roll, and a healthy attitude. I know my dad expected me to celebrate life on the 11th, his & mine, when he chose that day to pass. Loss is never easy but I will continue to honor him and all who have been born & died on this day. And I will celebrate life.

There’s nothing quite like the night rain in south Florida. As much as I love & crave the sunshine, the rain, thunder rumbling & lightning flashing in the Miami heat, day or night, creates an ambiance that transcends. Sexy, soothing & soulful… and I’m still talkin’ ’bout weather… okay, music too. But warm rain… so delicious… right now.

Miami Doggy Style

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is Sadie’s new grooming salon!!!  And this is the new location as of April, 2012!

(305) 933-4003

The Waterways of Aventura
3575 NE 207th Street. Suite #B2
Aventura FL 33180

Yes, I'm a pro.

She’s our very precious Maltese and Jose, the owner, has been her main man for many years. Not only is he a wonderful artist & delightful guy and a meticulous & fast groomer, Sadie’s always been more comfortable with him than other groomers. He just opened this week and although the décor is far from finished, his concept is very special. Doggies with good temperaments like Sadie will be free to roam & play in a large area. My girl does not like cages or very confined spaces (who would?!) and according to Jose was happier & certainly busier than he’s ever seen her.

If you live in the area, please send this to your friends who might be interested!
Info:, His prices are very reasonable too.