Where the heck have I been?!

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Life, Music Biz
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I’m blogging away, gung-ho, and then I’m gone. Am I back? At least today and I’m definitely a one day at a time kinda gal.

We’ve had and continue to have internet issues for the last couple of months. The challenges have been relentless and to say “time-consuming” would be an understatement… more like time-carnivorous. But enough complaining.

The music is glorious. I finished recording all my vocals last weekend! Now Raphael, my producer, will be completing the production in New York where he and his band, City of God, moved recently, and then we mix & master. Dare I say we’ll have a January release? I dare. Danny Jacob, my dear and brilliant, multi-talented friend recorded a guitar track in his Los Angeles studio for “Piece of My Heart” and for me it is the pièce de résistance. We’d planned to record all covers for the CD but Raphael & I wrote the last tune which is at this moment my favorite. Yes indeed, it’s a very exciting time.

My hubby & I started a home-based business in September, and I think I can safely say he’s found his passion. Gson #1 turns 6 tomorrow and Gson #2 will be 4 next month. Gson #3 is on the move and with the holidays upon us, the blessings are big & beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

  1. Can’t wait for a piece of your heart. You MUST look up a version by John Hartford. You’ll understand why if you find it.



    • Caryn Rae says:

      Oh my goodness, Dallas. Classic. Love the derbies & especially John toe tapping. If there’s a Piece of My Heart spectrum, I guess their version would be at one end and mine at the other!

  2. cristina frisby says:

    Great update & everything in it was exciting and filled with hope & love! Keep it up!! ily

  3. chris says:

    Great stuff babe….ilu

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