My Blog is Dead? My Guru Knows…

Posted: August 14, 2011 in Life, Music Biz
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Oh no! Just got a message from an old friend asking what’s going on, and among other things, he said, “your blog is dead.” As my new collaborator, Don Mizell, would say, “not dead yet,” which is also the name of his band. So my friend certainly lit a bit of a fire under my blogging butt. I’ve been talking about my blog lately, just haven’t been writing. I seem to be too busy working on everything else related to my CD & career & life.

Don Mizell came into my life a few months ago after I called a friend looking for a manager. He gave me Don’s number and although Don was not interested in management, he has since become my Executive Creative Producer. His website says he’s a “Music Industry Legend & Guru.” He’s not my first guru but I think he’s my most favorite ever and surely a gift from God at a time when I truly needed a guru.

So what exactly is my guru doing? Well, he’s guiding, teaching, cajoling, inspiring and lighting fires under my creative & biz butt, pushing me to explore & understand everything about this crazy music business that seems to be changing everyday. He’s helping me brand me in a way that will hopefully give me the career that I’m supposed to have and not be just an artist releasing a cool CD with great tunes.

So when is this fabulous CD REALLY gonna be released? I’m LOL right now and almost afraid to say, but I’m thinking next month so it’ll really be for my birthday. I’m also redesigning my website and looking for a videographer to shoot a couple. Anybody know one?

Charlie, thanks for the fire!

  1. Joseph says:

    Have to keep the fire lit!!!

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