My very dear Marsha Rimbert Duval 5/30/46-2/22/12

Posted: February 22, 2012 in Life

She passed this morning.  Marsha was the kindest, most generous, most fun neighbor and the feistiest & most loving friend a gal could hope for.  She fought (and I mean FOUGHT) through years of pain, surgeries & physical & emotional challenges even though it clearly took its toll early on.  As Abbe Hausner, our dear mutual friend who sailed as Marsha’s roomie on our wedding cruise, said to me in an email “I just want to remember my friend Marsha for her fiestiness, appetizers, parties, bbq’s. fishing trips and camping and the party Mamma! that she was…”  And boy, did she know how to throw a party!  She was the Martha Stewart of our ‘hood, and relished it & flourished in it.  Her big wooden dining room table was a hearth, a feast & a refuge, and she held court.

My trio provided the music for her & Jimmy’s wedding, how many years ago?  Was “Wind Beneath My Wings” her first dance?  I think so.  I don’t know and I don’t know how long we’ve been friends, 30 years?  Too short.  My dad’s birthday was yesterday.  When I spoke with her sister Pam last night, I told her to tell Marsh that Robbie was waiting for her & ready to dance.  And when Pam called this morning, I knew her dance card was already full.

  1. Abbe says:

    Dear Caryn,

    So true, so true….When Marsha and I made the trip for your wedding she was so so happy! That is a time I will never forget. It feels rather odd that I am not going to get to talk to one of my dearest friends anymore but maybe she will hear me when I speak to her, as we know she did love to talk and she loved you too Caryn and all those parties with the singing and just having a plain old simple good time! Marsha loved all of us in her own way and we are all going to miss our unique gal pal…tonite the sunset over Marina Del Rey was breathtaking and the sky was light greyish with a mix of pale orange and pinkish hue and I thought Marsha put your angel wings on and fly up to heaven as it was truly magnificent night to fly away!


  2. Beautiful, for a Beautiful Lady I am sure! Very Elequent. She had a Special Friend!

  3. Alan Gasel says:

    Even though I never met her, when I was reading your post I was moved. Maybe was the way you describe a beautiful friendship that does not end with death but to remember for the rest of our lives.
    Lucky are those who are your friends and I hope that when God call me to his side I’ll be remembered with the same love with which you do.

  4. Travis Shatsky says:

    Thanks Caryn that was beautiful!! I found this just by searching Marsha’s name on Google. You were such a great friend to my dear aunt. She will be missed by so many of us. Hope you’re hanging in there… take care 🙂

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