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She would’ve been 54 today.

Lula (Lu, Lori), my baby-girl, so innocent & young, so worldly & pained, so wild & precious, so loving & beautiful.  She passed in May and I’m sure if a Maypole dance had been happening in heaven, she’d joyously have ruled the ribbons.

I really thought I’d have written/blogged about her by now and certainly after I saw the YouTube videos of the service and our eulogies, because I just couldn’t write anything when I was in California with her family.  Her brother, John, and childhood friend, Kelly Drysdale were going to speak and then I would just let my heart do the rest.  She had requested more than once over the years that I sing Moondance at her wedding so this became that time.

I guess sometimes it’s better to just talk and sing.  My eulogy starts at about 10 minutes in.  Click here for Lori’s Memorial Service on YouTube.

Happy Birthday, my sweet.

As Lu & I would both say… with all my love & heart,