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So what’s the best method to advertise your business & services?  The internet & email has certainly provided so many affordable, if not free, ways to market & promote.  My hubby recently discovered, and it’s definitely working for him.  I’m diving in here with Vox 1 Power, my studio & website for voice lessons.

Let me know if you’re a Thumbtacker, and I’ll keep you posted!

Peace out.



It seems I haven’t posted on my birthday since 2010 and I almost let this one pass.  After reflecting on yet another very challenging year on 9/11, my birthday, the theme reared it’s beautiful head again today in a training session for my new career, as emphatically as it did the other day.

And yes, I now have 2 exciting, rewarding, demanding, fabulous careers.  Our trainer today said, “NEVER give up!”

Diana Nyad’s first words after her historic swim were, “You should never, ever give up.”

The President even tweeted “Congratulations to @DianaNyad. Never give up on your dreams.”

Now that it’s post 9/11/2013, I know for sure Diana Nyad and I have at least two things in common:  we’re both 64 and neither one of us will ever give up.

Peace out.

And with love always,