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Newport, Rhode Island’s my hometown. Growing up Fenway Park was a regular trip for the family. I went to college in Boston and lived on Jersey Street across from Fenway right out of school. Even when I left for California, my best friend lived in Boston for half her life. Boston will always have a big piece of my heart.

Thanking Courtney again for turning me on to Jonathan Nelson and this amazing song last year. There’s not a day that I don’t skate to it when I’m at my park (Central Park in Plantation, Florida). It’s been a mantra and powerful source of inspiration for this ol’ Jewish gal. AND I just found out from our Comcast guy 2 days ago that Jonathan is my neighbor, the praise & worship minister at a church practically right around the corner!

It’s been a few years since I skate danced in the house and it’s a little trickier in this one, but I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, and of course Boston and the Marathon is the ultimate inspiration.

So this is my gospel/love/Sunday skate dance dedicated to all my New England, Boston & Marathon peeps with all my love & joy. I know you’ll finish strong!  Click this: YouTube

Peace out.


p.s. Wishing ALL very happy holidays!


It seems I haven’t posted on my birthday since 2010 and I almost let this one pass.  After reflecting on yet another very challenging year on 9/11, my birthday, the theme reared it’s beautiful head again today in a training session for my new career, as emphatically as it did the other day.

And yes, I now have 2 exciting, rewarding, demanding, fabulous careers.  Our trainer today said, “NEVER give up!”

Diana Nyad’s first words after her historic swim were, “You should never, ever give up.”

The President even tweeted “Congratulations to @DianaNyad. Never give up on your dreams.”

Now that it’s post 9/11/2013, I know for sure Diana Nyad and I have at least two things in common:  we’re both 64 and neither one of us will ever give up.

Peace out.

And with love always,


Posting my mom’s very young & beautiful picture on my Facebook page has elicited so many loving comments from those who knew her and those who did not.  For those who did not, the picture for me captures the sweetness & beauty & kindness that so many mentioned. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone and her best friend often told me the same.  And yes, she was extraordinary in those & many other ways.

What I discovered about her (& myself) from the 20 short years I spent with her continues to shape my life.  Having had breast cancer & surgery at the tender age of 33, after a very late-in-the-game diagnosis, she was given 6 months to live by her surgeon who saw the extent of the metastasis.  Apparently she & my dad had a very different idea about her longevity.

Her courage, spirit & determination over the next 10 years, through surgeries, experimental treatments, chemo & radiation were beyond inspirational and needless to say, had profound effects on our young family.  Each day was one more day that she was with us, albeit perhaps the last.  Each day was challenging, often emotionally beyond my coping skills and ultimately precious.

Her oncologist, in his condolence letter, said he was sorry medical science had not advanced enough to save her and yet she had still defied her diagnosis.  She passed 43 years ago at the age of 43. Angelina Jolie’s news yesterday was a reminder of what the disease or even the possibility means to a family, a community.  Her choices were powerful, courageous & inspirational as is she… As was my mom, Natalie Louise Robin.

40 years ago tonight my bro, Charlie, & I had our first band club gig together.  He was already a young veteran, having drummed in 1 (or 2?) other bands in Newport, RI.  I flew to Newport after recruiting him and we drove back to California ready to rock.  This was after Doug Duncan & I had started to work as a duo at the Old Port Inn in Avila Beach (following my first California job there filleting fish in the fish market and then bartending when the bar was built, thank you Barry Cohen).  Our PA was Doug’s guitar amp and, of course, the “I can’t hear your voice” saga began. It almost didn’t matter then.  I was in heaven.

Doug & I had tried to rehearse in his place but because the presence of others in the house was too intimidating for me, we hiked into a canyon in San Luis Obispo to the geodesic dome and learned our first song, “Stairway to Heaven.” And so my journey/ascent began.

But I digress. The BAND was always my heart & soul.  The energy, the synergy, the chemistry of guitar, bass, keys, drums, horns, vocals, whatever combination, some better than others but always bringing the power of more than 1.

Since releasing my CD, Peace of My Heart, last year, my goal has been to bring that dynamic to life again.  But as most of my musician network is in Los Angeles, what’s a gal to do in Florida? Well, it seems the time has come to go it alone for the first time and for the moment.  This anniversary week brought some big suggestions & powerful encouragement from friends & strangers. So I’m shopping for a PA system right now, deciding on the tracks, working up the set lists… getting ready for the Me, Myself & I band.  The new adventure begins!

Happy 40th!!!

Peace out.

2012 was a year of a whole lotta “Really,” “Oh man,” “WTF!” and always “Thank you, God.”  Or perhaps better known to my psyche as, “Well, f**k me and the horse I rode in on.” My friends who find me to be a bit Pollyanna may be shocked that I’m actually writing this, but my year was as challenging emotionally, spiritually & physically as any I can remember.

But I made it through and so I must testify. Have I grown?  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” certainly resonates. I know I have a biological gift… more serotonin production than most even on a difficult day.  And of course my regular skate-dancing is responsible for more endorphins than any other exercise regimen I’ve ever experienced.  So once again and every day I’m grateful.

I finished & released my very first solo CD, “Peace of My Heart,” which brought me the kind of professional satisfaction/happiness that’s almost indescribable.  I spent weeks in my hometown, Newport, RI with my Shves and was a musician again.  I finally saw my Cali bro & nephews for the first time in over 2 years.  After 4 fab Gsons our first beautiful granddaughter was born this year. In a Los Angeles 30 year reunion I partied like it was 1999 with the Red Onion gang & my gorgeous niece. The gifts & blessings were joyous.  The trials & tribulations were monumental.  Gospel music became a powerful source of inspiration, comfort & soul soothing in my skate-dancing.  The first half of the year Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile” was my anthem (the links are to YouTube) and Paul Porter’s “I Made It Through” was my celebratory chant in the second half.  I’m not a Christian although I’m guessing had I lived back in the day & place, Jesus surely would have been my rabbi.  Whatever you call God… He, She, Lord, Allah… and this will not be a dissertation on my beliefs… the passion, vibrancy, power & joy of gospel music is undeniable.  And I was lifted & expressing gratitude daily.

My family & friends have been challenged in profound ways this past year.  But we’re strong stock and most of us made it through. I Thank You, God.

My dad, Robbie Robin, might’ve said, “It’s gonna be keen in 2013” or maybe serene.  I hope & pray for those things & more for us all.  And I wish you a very happy, healthy freakin’ new year!  With all my love ~


Peace out.

I want you to lay your head on my MUSICAL bosom.  You dig? You feel me?  I am SO serious.

Take it…  Peace out.

Pith is power.

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Let’s power up, y’all.

The rest will follow.

Peace out.

On the plane to Cali today and it wasn’t even the scheduled movie but there it was, “In Time,” and I actually had time to watch it.  Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried hustling for time to live another day, another hour… the commodity doesn’t get more precious than that. The reviews weren’t glorious but I loved it in the theater and as I luxuriated on the 6 hour flight, I watched the whole thing again and then 2 TV shows just because. I love flying. It still feels like a miracle every time the giant bird leaves the ground. And then I’m transported into that relaxation groove and I feel like I have so much time, I could give it away just like Justin.

Okay, back to work.

Peace out.

The more old friend/musicians I reconnect with on Facebook, the more I try to remember and find. This past weekend after looking to no avail for the first guitar player I ever worked with, I let it go. Today I received an email from MySpace with a message from him! Now this is a guy I haven’t seen or communicated with in over 30 years. Our very first gig in 1972 was at the Old Port Inn in Avila Beach, California with Doug on electric guitar and me singing through his amp. Ah, the good ol’ days.

Although you can only see pieces of his guitar & a bit of his beautifully long & blond hair behind me, the picture is from a 1973 gig with him (& my bro on drums) at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, the birthplace of my musical career. He painted as well and the fabulous JBL speaker cabinets (de rigueur for the day) reflected his artistry.

Once again the powers of the internet, synchronicity and Godincidences abound. Seek and let it go and enjoy the magic, not always 2 days later but it will come.