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I want you to lay your head on my MUSICAL bosom.  You dig? You feel me?  I am SO serious.

Take it…  Peace out.

Pith is power.

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Healthy Stuff, Life
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Let’s power up, y’all.

The rest will follow.

Peace out.

On the plane to Cali today and it wasn’t even the scheduled movie but there it was, “In Time,” and I actually had time to watch it.  Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried hustling for time to live another day, another hour… the commodity doesn’t get more precious than that. The reviews weren’t glorious but I loved it in the theater and as I luxuriated on the 6 hour flight, I watched the whole thing again and then 2 TV shows just because. I love flying. It still feels like a miracle every time the giant bird leaves the ground. And then I’m transported into that relaxation groove and I feel like I have so much time, I could give it away just like Justin.

Okay, back to work.

Peace out.


Posted: February 27, 2012 in Life
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I thought it’d be fun to write a blog about “time” sayings/phrases because there are so many wonderful ones and because as we all know, it’s one of our most precious commodities and I never seem to have enough, and then I realized at this moment I really don’t have time.

So please leave your favorite one in the comments section, and maybe we’ll all feel like we have more.  🙂


She passed this morning.  Marsha was the kindest, most generous, most fun neighbor and the feistiest & most loving friend a gal could hope for.  She fought (and I mean FOUGHT) through years of pain, surgeries & physical & emotional challenges even though it clearly took its toll early on.  As Abbe Hausner, our dear mutual friend who sailed as Marsha’s roomie on our wedding cruise, said to me in an email “I just want to remember my friend Marsha for her fiestiness, appetizers, parties, bbq’s. fishing trips and camping and the party Mamma! that she was…”  And boy, did she know how to throw a party!  She was the Martha Stewart of our ‘hood, and relished it & flourished in it.  Her big wooden dining room table was a hearth, a feast & a refuge, and she held court.

My trio provided the music for her & Jimmy’s wedding, how many years ago?  Was “Wind Beneath My Wings” her first dance?  I think so.  I don’t know and I don’t know how long we’ve been friends, 30 years?  Too short.  My dad’s birthday was yesterday.  When I spoke with her sister Pam last night, I told her to tell Marsh that Robbie was waiting for her & ready to dance.  And when Pam called this morning, I knew her dance card was already full.

The magic of the universe, “the secret,” angels, God’s miracles, visualization, meditation, manifestation, whatever you wanna call it, I believe!!!

My CD release yesterday meant it was time to focus on the next tasks at hand today, and one of those urgent tasks is finding a music director. So I posted, I conversed, made calls and got more info earlier today. And then tonight while taking Sadie out for a walk, I heard live music down the block.  Now we’ve lived here for 3 months and I’ve NEVER heard live music, let alone soulful, rockin’ music.  I was led & with Sadie in my arms, knocked on a garage door and said I was a neighbor, which of course sounded ominous to the band.  But they opened the door and let me in and saw my excitement.  It was a young group of musicians & singers preparing for their church performance this Sunday and it was beautiful!  So I went home, got some of my CDs, came back and listened & watched.  And then I saw a music director in action, showing the singers part, playing the parts, the chords and it was beautiful! Lol.  I was in heaven.  I told them about my day, we smiled & laughed & exchanged info.  I told them I don’t know what it means or what might be but that it was beautiful!

I believe!

p.s.  Yesterday was an incredible day… launched my new website , released the CD, felt so much love, celebrated.  Once again, I Thank You!