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Newport, Rhode Island’s my hometown. Growing up Fenway Park was a regular trip for the family. I went to college in Boston and lived on Jersey Street across from Fenway right out of school. Even when I left for California, my best friend lived in Boston for half her life. Boston will always have a big piece of my heart.

Thanking Courtney again for turning me on to Jonathan Nelson and this amazing song last year. There’s not a day that I don’t skate to it when I’m at my park (Central Park in Plantation, Florida). It’s been a mantra and powerful source of inspiration for this ol’ Jewish gal. AND I just found out from our Comcast guy 2 days ago that Jonathan is my neighbor, the praise & worship minister at a church practically right around the corner!

It’s been a few years since I skate danced in the house and it’s a little trickier in this one, but I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, and of course Boston and the Marathon is the ultimate inspiration.

So this is my gospel/love/Sunday skate dance dedicated to all my New England, Boston & Marathon peeps with all my love & joy. I know you’ll finish strong!  Click this: YouTube

Peace out.


p.s. Wishing ALL very happy holidays!


2012 was a year of a whole lotta “Really,” “Oh man,” “WTF!” and always “Thank you, God.”  Or perhaps better known to my psyche as, “Well, f**k me and the horse I rode in on.” My friends who find me to be a bit Pollyanna may be shocked that I’m actually writing this, but my year was as challenging emotionally, spiritually & physically as any I can remember.

But I made it through and so I must testify. Have I grown?  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” certainly resonates. I know I have a biological gift… more serotonin production than most even on a difficult day.  And of course my regular skate-dancing is responsible for more endorphins than any other exercise regimen I’ve ever experienced.  So once again and every day I’m grateful.

I finished & released my very first solo CD, “Peace of My Heart,” which brought me the kind of professional satisfaction/happiness that’s almost indescribable.  I spent weeks in my hometown, Newport, RI with my Shves and was a musician again.  I finally saw my Cali bro & nephews for the first time in over 2 years.  After 4 fab Gsons our first beautiful granddaughter was born this year. In a Los Angeles 30 year reunion I partied like it was 1999 with the Red Onion gang & my gorgeous niece. The gifts & blessings were joyous.  The trials & tribulations were monumental.  Gospel music became a powerful source of inspiration, comfort & soul soothing in my skate-dancing.  The first half of the year Kirk Franklin’s “I Smile” was my anthem (the links are to YouTube) and Paul Porter’s “I Made It Through” was my celebratory chant in the second half.  I’m not a Christian although I’m guessing had I lived back in the day & place, Jesus surely would have been my rabbi.  Whatever you call God… He, She, Lord, Allah… and this will not be a dissertation on my beliefs… the passion, vibrancy, power & joy of gospel music is undeniable.  And I was lifted & expressing gratitude daily.

My family & friends have been challenged in profound ways this past year.  But we’re strong stock and most of us made it through. I Thank You, God.

My dad, Robbie Robin, might’ve said, “It’s gonna be keen in 2013” or maybe serene.  I hope & pray for those things & more for us all.  And I wish you a very happy, healthy freakin’ new year!  With all my love ~


Peace out.

The rest will follow.

Peace out.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a ramble, dear friends, and this is just a quickie. The link below is a video that I’d forgotten about from our first bathroom skate-dance shoot but found today and posted on YouTube & Facebook. I’m not lip-syncing to one of my tunes, just dancing to one of my all time favorites, the Boyz II Men version of the Isley Brothers classic. No matter the artist, it always grooves me into a little piece of heaven… for the love of you.

Once again our bathroom’s the stage and here’s tonight’s skate-dance video of Deja Vu, my first single from the soon to be finished (really) CD.

I dunno. Bold, yes. Too much, too little, maybe. Here’s the video we did last week. I’m trying to lip-sync to my new recording of I Thank You at the same time. I think the skating’s a little more successful. Let me know what you think!

Brent Harvey, my fabulous music biz friend suggested the bikini today after he saw the video. He thought it was “awesome” and said other lovely things, and after we discussed my career a bit, he said you have to be BOLD in promoting yourself, hence the bikini. I was of course very flattered, but I’m sixty freakin’ years old and although a bikini is still pretty comfortable, a video?! But I’m going to be bolder, more omnipresent, more persistent because I’m 60 freakin’ years old and this is my time! Okay, we’ll see. Brent, once again I Thank You.

Ladies, maybe gents, perhaps you can relate. I’m not quite sure why I was reflecting on Al while I was skating the other day. Maybe it was some theory of his that was mysteriously propelling me through space & time although I have no idea which theory that might be. And yes, I find expressive intelligence powerfully attractive & sexy, and I’m sure that’s a Big part of my Big Al crush and certainly one of the main reasons I found my husband to be so irresistible.

Anyhow, back to Al… that engagingly adorable face, the wildest mane, the slightly mischievous expression in most pictures, and yes, those bedroom eyes, all combining to set my very young heart aflutter, and I say very because I’m sure it was in adolescence when I first said, “Who’s that?!” As a young adult I of course came to appreciate so much more about him which ultimately manifested itself as a sexual attraction. A li’l, ol’, dead guy… His essay, “The World As I See It” confirmed it for me. I love AE.

2 years ago today he passed. It was just a few days after I’d uploaded my first YouTube video, Hold On I’m Comin’, and not too long after that my CD project was conceived. Isaac is one of the reasons I love to sing. I came of age with all his Sam & Dave hits and never stopped singing them. Those records, probably more than any others, helped define my “rocnsol” attitude. Now with the CD almost completed, I’m ready to start skate-dance performing too, so yesterday my hubby & I “designed” our stage (the bathroom) and once again to an Isaac tune, I tested the waters to a rough version of “I Thank You.” You’d think I could lip-sync to my own stuff but apparently not while skating! Practice, practice, practice.

I uploaded the video last night and had not consciously realized it was the anniversary of his death today so once again I pay homage. Isaac, I thank you.

So how deep can I go? That’s the question I feel and don’t have to ask everyday. How deeply can I go without damaging the parts? Physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually. Proceed with caution? Yes. Proceed with abandon? Yes. Proceed with energy? Yes. Proceed with fervor? Yes. Proceed with determination? Yes. Go DEEP and don’t let go until you have to and then let go gracefully, just let go. And go slowly, thoughtfully, respectfully, beautifully. Don’t damage the parts… mine, yours, ours, theirs. Amen. Awomen.

Tom Thumb & The Hitchikers… Respect _ Hold On I’m Comin’… had to skate with my old MP3 player today and hadn’t heard the tunes in eons. Couldn’t stop smiling. “Live at SeaWorld”… DJ, what was the year? We sang & played our hearts out. It was a beautiful day in San Diego and the sound engineer had some great recording equipment. We had no idea at the time we’d have an album from the gig. Sweet. Love and thanks again to DJ & the guys for 9½ fabulous, fun rocnsol years!

On another note, my performance of Hold On I’m Comin’ at the Hollywood Beach Theatre was the inspiration for the new CD where we have a very cool new skool track, soon to be revealed!