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Posting my mom’s very young & beautiful picture on my Facebook page has elicited so many loving comments from those who knew her and those who did not.  For those who did not, the picture for me captures the sweetness & beauty & kindness that so many mentioned. I never heard her say an unkind word about anyone and her best friend often told me the same.  And yes, she was extraordinary in those & many other ways.

What I discovered about her (& myself) from the 20 short years I spent with her continues to shape my life.  Having had breast cancer & surgery at the tender age of 33, after a very late-in-the-game diagnosis, she was given 6 months to live by her surgeon who saw the extent of the metastasis.  Apparently she & my dad had a very different idea about her longevity.

Her courage, spirit & determination over the next 10 years, through surgeries, experimental treatments, chemo & radiation were beyond inspirational and needless to say, had profound effects on our young family.  Each day was one more day that she was with us, albeit perhaps the last.  Each day was challenging, often emotionally beyond my coping skills and ultimately precious.

Her oncologist, in his condolence letter, said he was sorry medical science had not advanced enough to save her and yet she had still defied her diagnosis.  She passed 43 years ago at the age of 43. Angelina Jolie’s news yesterday was a reminder of what the disease or even the possibility means to a family, a community.  Her choices were powerful, courageous & inspirational as is she… As was my mom, Natalie Louise Robin.

The magic of the universe, “the secret,” angels, God’s miracles, visualization, meditation, manifestation, whatever you wanna call it, I believe!!!

My CD release yesterday meant it was time to focus on the next tasks at hand today, and one of those urgent tasks is finding a music director. So I posted, I conversed, made calls and got more info earlier today. And then tonight while taking Sadie out for a walk, I heard live music down the block.  Now we’ve lived here for 3 months and I’ve NEVER heard live music, let alone soulful, rockin’ music.  I was led & with Sadie in my arms, knocked on a garage door and said I was a neighbor, which of course sounded ominous to the band.  But they opened the door and let me in and saw my excitement.  It was a young group of musicians & singers preparing for their church performance this Sunday and it was beautiful!  So I went home, got some of my CDs, came back and listened & watched.  And then I saw a music director in action, showing the singers part, playing the parts, the chords and it was beautiful! Lol.  I was in heaven.  I told them about my day, we smiled & laughed & exchanged info.  I told them I don’t know what it means or what might be but that it was beautiful!

I believe!

p.s.  Yesterday was an incredible day… launched my new website , released the CD, felt so much love, celebrated.  Once again, I Thank You!

Big week coming up… Simon Cowell’s new X Factor auditions in Miami. Registration on Wednesday and hopefully audition Thursday. I say hopefully because not everyone who registers and spends 2 days at the facility gets to audition. Understandable after hearing that 15,000 showed up in Los Angeles. I actually submitted a 1 minute video to a local television station here to try to win a “Front of the Line Pass.” The winners were spared the registration day and would be among the first to audition on Thursday. I did not win. Damn. Thousands of people… I watch it on Idol and sitting in the comfort of my bedroom, I think it’s a phenomenal process but not one I look forward to participating in. But, as my niece said, “It’s just 2 days out of your whole life.” It might even be fun. I’m not trying to convince myself, really. I think it’ll be an amazing, colossal experience, operative word being “colossal.” So please let my temperamental voice and questionable nerves be on my side on Thursday.

I also learned last week that America’s Got Talent is accepting video auditions till April 10th, and unlike X Factor’s a cappella one verse/chorus, their submissions can be 2-3 minutes with music so perhaps I’ll have a better shot. Oh, if I only had a band!

So I’m going for it all. Of course with my CD almost ready to be released, ANY air time would be incredible, so with this synchronicity it kinda feels like SOMETHING is supposed to be. But whatever happens will be fine. I do know more energy from you all can only help and I thank you in advance. Please wish me luck, say a prayer, send good vibes, whatever your preference, and I promise I’ll do my best.

And thank you all so much for the encouragement and support over the years. I’ve been blessed with more performance work and opportunities than most and I’m completely grateful for everything. As an entertainer I know I’ll see many more smiles, finger poppin’ and dancing feet when the gigs start ’cause the tracks are smokin’! Can’t wait for you to hear! See you soon.

Love & kisses & hugs,


My dear subscribers,

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I had a little glitch in the initial tune upload. When you received the Piece of My Heart email, if you clicked on the link in the text body, you’re directed to the glitch page. If you click on the big first title, Piece of My Heart, that will direct you appropriately. I’m still learning!

Thanks so much for all your comments, love & support!!! I love you!!!

In the mood? The Expendables will give it to you. Excessive, gratuitous violence is not my cup of tea but cartoon it and if the big boyz do it right, it works for me almost every time. And to see Arnold back is a hoot. If you want action, adventure, insanity, a little comedy and a few relationship issues with most of the baddest boyz in the biz, this is the flick!