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It seems I haven’t posted on my birthday since 2010 and I almost let this one pass.  After reflecting on yet another very challenging year on 9/11, my birthday, the theme reared it’s beautiful head again today in a training session for my new career, as emphatically as it did the other day.

And yes, I now have 2 exciting, rewarding, demanding, fabulous careers.  Our trainer today said, “NEVER give up!”

Diana Nyad’s first words after her historic swim were, “You should never, ever give up.”

The President even tweeted “Congratulations to @DianaNyad. Never give up on your dreams.”

Now that it’s post 9/11/2013, I know for sure Diana Nyad and I have at least two things in common:  we’re both 64 and neither one of us will ever give up.

Peace out.

And with love always,


Oh no! Just got a message from an old friend asking what’s going on, and among other things, he said, “your blog is dead.” As my new collaborator, Don Mizell, would say, “not dead yet,” which is also the name of his band. So my friend certainly lit a bit of a fire under my blogging butt. I’ve been talking about my blog lately, just haven’t been writing. I seem to be too busy working on everything else related to my CD & career & life.

Don Mizell came into my life a few months ago after I called a friend looking for a manager. He gave me Don’s number and although Don was not interested in management, he has since become my Executive Creative Producer. His website says he’s a “Music Industry Legend & Guru.” He’s not my first guru but I think he’s my most favorite ever and surely a gift from God at a time when I truly needed a guru.

So what exactly is my guru doing? Well, he’s guiding, teaching, cajoling, inspiring and lighting fires under my creative & biz butt, pushing me to explore & understand everything about this crazy music business that seems to be changing everyday. He’s helping me brand me in a way that will hopefully give me the career that I’m supposed to have and not be just an artist releasing a cool CD with great tunes.

So when is this fabulous CD REALLY gonna be released? I’m LOL right now and almost afraid to say, but I’m thinking next month so it’ll really be for my birthday. I’m also redesigning my website and looking for a videographer to shoot a couple. Anybody know one?

Charlie, thanks for the fire!

Today’s my day. It’s been an extraordinary day in so many of the last 11 years. 1999 was my 50th (and I partied like it was 1999!), it’s been 10 years since my dad died on that day, and of course the world was forever changed in 2001. I prayed for a peaceful day in 2002 and was graced when my future husband flew from Miami to Los Angeles to surprise me with a plane towing an exquisite ribbon in the sky and his presence. Last year I officially released the first single from my very first CD on 9/9/09 and sang the song on a fabulous cruise ship on my 60th. So many of the days have been truly momentous if not auspicious.

My suit has served me well throughout the years and for all that it has sustained, I’m grateful. I thank God, Mom & Dad, Rock & Roll, and a healthy attitude. I know my dad expected me to celebrate life on the 11th, his & mine, when he chose that day to pass. Loss is never easy but I will continue to honor him and all who have been born & died on this day. And I will celebrate life.


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What?!?!? Am I really going there? Well, I can’t help it, dammit. My new facebook friend, Martin Olson, friend of old friend, Danny Jacob, asks the question on his wild & wonderful website, and I had the unmitigated chutzpah to respond that I knew why. But it’s probably much less about chutzpah and more about my very simplistic philosophy. After years of being “gently nudged” & “whacked on the head,” as Martin says, and really trying to pay attention, this is my existential belief:

We are here to love, create & evolve, probably in that order. We have a responsibility as creatures of intellect & emotion to do those things. And according to my ill-defined theory of reincarnation, we get plenty of chances to do it right & well until we get it really right and then…

The night before my dad died (9/11/00), I looked up at a little page a day calendar on my desk shelf and the quote of the day was from the poet Rumi. “When I die I shall soar with the angels and when I die with the angels, what I shall become you cannot imagine.”

More than that, we’ll have to talk.

The stars are aligning.  The snail has left the building.  Had a breathtakingly beautiful meeting today and we decided that my birthday, 9/11, would be the release date for my CD!  Is it possible?  Absofreakinlutely.

My First…

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It’s my first sentence of my first blog and already I’m feeling naked.  I’m mostly a voyeur on Facebook and now I’m supposed to REVEAL.  Yikes.  What am I really doing here?

Well, it’s time to use this marvel of a thing to promote my CD, the one that was supposed to be finished last September on the big birthday.  We’re shooting for this b’day but I dunno… Is there something slower than a snail’s pace?  I’ve accepted that it’s in God’s time.  I’ve accepted.  I’ve accepted.  I really have.

I haven’t kept a diary in a few decades but this feels like one.  My best friend suggested I use a blog to describe the process of making the CD so I’ll do that too, maybe in snail detail.  Today is 7/11.  Is that significant?  My b’day is 9/11.  That is very.

Well, apparently I am comfortable rambling in almost full public view.