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2 years ago today he passed. It was just a few days after I’d uploaded my first YouTube video, Hold On I’m Comin’, and not too long after that my CD project was conceived. Isaac is one of the reasons I love to sing. I came of age with all his Sam & Dave hits and never stopped singing them. Those records, probably more than any others, helped define my “rocnsol” attitude. Now with the CD almost completed, I’m ready to start skate-dance performing too, so yesterday my hubby & I “designed” our stage (the bathroom) and once again to an Isaac tune, I tested the waters to a rough version of “I Thank You.” You’d think I could lip-sync to my own stuff but apparently not while skating! Practice, practice, practice.

I uploaded the video last night and had not consciously realized it was the anniversary of his death today so once again I pay homage. Isaac, I thank you.

When I skate, I often ruminate… about something & everything that seems to need my attention… and much is usually revealed.  I regularly have conversations with Ellen and Oprah.  It’s a very comfortable hang and their input is always inspirational, and I always seem to understand a little more about myself.  I guess any really good conversation is like that but oh those 2 gals…  can’t wait to meet them.

Didn’t chat with them on my skate last night but was reflecting on my CD and career, and this has been a VERY good meeting and planning week so far with more to come.  The snail may be leaving the building.

We’re recording HIT SONGS  (the thought hit me pretty hard upside the head this time).  Will they be hit records again?